A Beginning

When starting a blog one can wait a very long wait for artistic creativity to dawn upon you and begin typing. Much is my case as I sit here looking at the dull screen and cursor blinking. All the thoughts and emotions I was feeling late last night regarding this adventure and how I was to execute it are gone. It just goes to show you, never wait till the next day to start or accomplish something, or you could just reach over for that ever obsolete form of communication and brainstorming a pen and paper. Instead, here I sit, wondering what it is I wish to convey.

Blogs are a funny thing, and the people you surround yourself with are funnier. Some will tell you that a blog is a novel idea because of the vast wisdom you hold and the world needs to know what you know. Others are indifferent and the last segment of the population thinks you should just stop trying to force your opinions upon the world, there are enough blogs dedicated to just that with spelling errors and misguided passion. So, I can now see why writers block can be a novel thing at this moment, plagued by the enduring question of whether to continue on.

A topic I wish to start regards homosexuals and mainstream Christianity, if there is such a thing. We have all heard by now about that famous restaurant chain and the clash it is having with supports of gay rights. What brings me to this topic is the amount of support shown for the restaurant franchise. I saw a photo of lines around the block of patrons waiting to get in and reports from corporate of the high revenue stream brought in by the support. What strikes me is they all say how Christian they are. The question I have for these supporters and corporate is this, how many of them have waited around for hours on end to volunteer at a soup kitchen or provide disaster relief?

I do not know the answer, but while thinking of this it bring forwards a point. Who are we to judge? I cannot judge the people waiting to show their support for a restaurant franchise that bashes love. Furthermore, just as I cannot judge them, they cannot judge the gay community. We are to be free from judgement. There is only one who can cast judgement and the final judgement. Of course, if one does not believe in such things that is OK, I respect you nonetheless. While thinking upon this matter it brings forward another point, “let he who is without sin cast the first stone.” So, we cannot rush to judgement unless we want to be judge and we shouldn’t burden ourselves with pursuing such an endeavor unless we are truly without sin. In this day and age, we are so quick to classify and judge people without taking the time to realize some simple truths; we are all mortal, we each have different lives with different problems, and we should be free from individual judgement because it is not within our power. Instead of using something cherish-able, family and love, as a ploy to increase revenue we should instead focus on something more, something bigger. Instead of concerning ourselves with hordes of people waiting to eat fattening foods and gay rights, we should look to the vacant volunteer lines at soup kitchens and the growing number of beds in homeless shelters.

I apologize, I may have fallen into the trap of casting judgement. It is so hard not to do and for that I apologize once again.


Have a thought? I look forward to the discussions.

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