Stock in Religion

A majority of young individuals believe in the existence of God and yet they do not attend church. Is this such a bad thing? Is the search and connection for God relegated to the confines of a building constructed with mortal hands? This is not to say anything negative with the organization of church, there are definite positive aspects including meeting new people and exploring a deeper understanding of God. For example, I have been battling the depression for a long time and trying everything, my friend invited me to church. The warmness from the congregation was welcomed and when service concluded I lifted, as if some weight had been lifted from my shoulders.

Anyway, younger people are believing in the existence of God but not attending church. I consider myself a religious man in that I have read the Bible, welcomed Jesus as my Savior, and my life’s events are testimony to His grace. Yet, I have attended church of my own free will only twice. The best way I can describe my feelings towards organized religion comes from the movie Kingdom of Heaven when one of the characters comments that he has no stock in religion because he witnessed every man from every denomination wage war and commit crimes in the name of God. He continues by stating that the only important thing is what we feel, think, and the actions we take to make a positive change.

Rambling, yes at this point I am. Another point I am trying to get is this, my friend invited me to a private group called He is Refreshed. It was a small assembly of devoted individuals discussing the days sermon, verses of the day, and exploring new angles within the text. While it was invigorating to listen to these individuals it dawned on me that they weren’t really saying anything. The words were coming out and yet there was no poetry. There was no meaning in their words but reminded me of a mere recital, that it seemed staged.

Looking back on this event, I came to realize that I always felt close to God when reflecting upon His word and reading the Bible followed by a trek through the woods. I have always felt a greater connection when walking through His great bounty and the world He has provided for me. What I am trying to convey is, is it better to find God in a church or through His own way. I think we each come into his grace through different means. So, while I believe that it is a good thing young people have a connection with God, I just don’t know how to feel regarding the connection with church. I am interested in hearing multiple view points on this matter.


Have a thought? I look forward to the discussions.

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