Love is the most powerful word we have at our command. We can use it to describe our feelings and emotions towards our inner desires and connection to others. I had discussion with a friend regarding the word love and how we use it everyday. My friend brought up the interesting point that the word love is used frequently in our daily lives to describe all manner of things from coffee to individuals. Their argument was that the word love has become mundane in our lives because it is used often in describing level of affection for all things.

This is an interesting topic and perspective on the word love and its corresponding appropriate phrases. Has love become an empty shell within our world? No, I don’t believe so because while we may overly use it, the context in which it is being used and the power behind it varies. It does not command the same level of feeling and purpose in saying we love someone as we would our favorite coffee or slice of pizza.

Furthermore, we cannot begin to even imagine a being such as God bestowing such a feeling on us if He did not intend for use to use it. I, also, do not believe that His love for us, the sinners and the righteous, is mundane our hallow. I do not believe my friend would think such things, but in the passion of writing this blog I cannot help but think there are some who think He has no love, that they have been abandoned, and that He does not exist. He has never abandoned us and His love is unmatched for He has given us His only son, the Lord Jesus, as a sign of His love and passion for us. Regarding his existence, people need only look at themselves when they experience a moment of true love and happiness for during these moments the grace of God is at its highest levels within ourselves.

Love can sometimes be greatest in the dark.


Have a thought? I look forward to the discussions.

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