“I Chose You”

John 15:16 states “You didn’t choose me. I chose you. I appointed you to go and produce lasting fruit, so that the Father will give you whatever you ask for, using my name.” When reading this passage, one cannot begin to imagine the power and purpose behind it. We begin by being told that God has already chosen us, that we have not chosen Him. Even though we may not understand the concepts and mystery of the Lord as a child or adolescent, regardless He has chosen us and provided a path to travel to find Him. For instance, I had no concept of God as a child until I was given a Bible for youth.

Page after page I became more intrigued with what I was reading, my curiosity increased when I received my Great Grandmothers Bible and was able to read the word. While reading I reflected on my early life, a car accident that I came away from with only minor injuries and a house fire that could have claimed my life as well as my mothers. During each incident events occurred resulting in a better outcome but they also occurred to reveal something, the grace and presence of God. With this revelation, I realized that God had chosen me long before I even knew Him.

What then does it mean that by Him choosing us He wants us to be fruitful and to receive what we seek through His name? I would assume this means that God simply wants us to be successful in our ventures, whether it be securing a job or continuing down the path of righteousness. God does not want us to fail, but to succeed. Furthermore, by asking things in His name and being diligent in our pursuits, He will grant them. It may be frustrating at times when we do not think our prayers and requests are being answered. But through faith and hindsight, we can see Him at work. I have prayed for a job that would provide for my family, challenge me, and allow me to grow. For the longest time I was frustrated, unable to find a job or secure one in my field. However, I am now in the final stages of interviews and, looking back, realize how certain things in my life have brought me to this moment in time. For it, I am very thankful. God wants us to succeed and be fruitful in all our endeavors, asking that we be diligent in faith, embracing another, and repenting for our sins.


Have a thought? I look forward to the discussions.

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