Rain, rain, don’t Go Away

I sit here, at my kitchen table looking out the backdoor onto my deck. The trees stand motionless in the calm air. The leaves shimmer, touched by the rain, fluctuating its force. Times like this, I sit back and take in the majesty of something so simple as rain that is so complicated and taken for granted. Rain is the life force of our planet, a gift from the Creator expressing the deepest levels of love and compassion. We use it to drink, wash, and enjoy. Storms like these take me back to when Hurricane Katrina unleashed the harshness and destructive power of mother nature. I remember people, comically, discussing how God had sent the hurricane as a form of punishment for the southern states and Republican policies. I couldn’t believe what arrogance and simplicity, people making such statements forgetting the billions in damage and the lives lost. I remember talking to a girl who made this comment, I looked at her and said, “God is not punishing them, he makes it rain upon the just and the unjust.”

Whenever it rains next, take this in. He makes it rain on the just and the unjust. Step outside and stand in the rain for a bit, let Gods cleaning agent refresh your strength, mentality, and soul. That is of course you do not over due it, we don’t want anybody getting sick or coming down with anything. Or, if standing in the rain is not to your liking, just sit back. Disconnect from the busy world around you, turn off anything make loud noises and listen to the rain drop upon the roof. Also, take in the aspect of how commonly used rain and water are and pray for those people under siege by drought and dust.  


Have a thought? I look forward to the discussions.

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