What does it mean to wait?

What does that mean, “Wait on the Lord”? A lot of people take it to mean that they’re supposed to sit around doing nothing while they wait for God to do something. They’re waiting for God to do something for them rather than with them. That’s one form of waiting on God and there’s a time for that, but it just might be that God is waiting for them to get busy.

Very often the best way to find God’s will is to get busy doing what we can and what we know we should do. So think about it like that. “Wait on the Lord,” like a servant who waits on his master, or like a waiter or waitress waiting on a customer, where the customer is king. Don’t just stand around or sit there; put yourself at His service.

Get busy serving the Lord and He’ll tell you what He’d like for you to do next. We are to be dedicate, faithful servants of His grace. In taking on His will and helping others, He will take care of us.

He always has plenty for us to do, and is happy to tell us how He would like it done. How is that for a picture of waiting on the Lord?


Have a thought? I look forward to the discussions.

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