“I Am”

In one statement, Jesus is the doorway into the Kingdom of God and redemption. He is how you get in the door.

In another statement, Jesus called Himself the Good Shepherd. He is the one responsible for all the sheep in His flock. He’s been directed to them by the Father and it is His job to take care of them. To keep them safe, by any means necessary – including caring for them when they are ill and disciplining them when they wander.

Now the third statement: Jesus is not only the way into the flock of God and the Caretaker of them, He is the path they walk on through the seasons. He is the way – the straight, narrow to stay safe and thriving in the flock. It’s a simple idea with profound implications. We talk so much about giving, teaching, preaching, service, prayer, worship. We want to do it all. We want to get it right because we want to connect with Him. It is only by a focus on walking with Him, daily, in a cycle of repentance and compassion for others, that we can become realized.

I’m convicted enough to say something because I know the difference between His way and my way. Over and over, I find rest and joy when I turn to God. But I also listen to God and thank Him for the friends and family He puts before me. My friends and God are a comfort to me. When things get ugly, I praise God for His comfort and for putting special people in my life to weather the storm. I think we forget that God works in many different ways. Yes, we are to trust in God and cast aside others for comfort. However, God can comfort us and He may send others to do so as well.

Spiritual and physically health are arguably important. Some argue that spiritual health is more important. But the Kingdom of God is inside us. Our bodies are the temple. I believe that we must be strong in faith, spirit, and health. These are essential elements of living true lives. We can be spiritually healthy, but physically destroyed and therefore diminishing the temple within us.

I try to live a well balanced life. Recently I’ve been asking myself these questions:

1. What is God doing in my life right now?

2. What prayers of mine, big and small, has God answered recently? 

3. What am I doing for the betterment of myself and others?

Just admit it to Him and you are back on the right path, freshly washed. Seek up-to-date answers and He won’t fail to provide. If you are good to go – keep going! Make each an attempt at the start of a new beginning. God’s grace is one addiction we are supposed to have. Keep seeking it, hungering and thirsting for Him above. He will lead you, guide you, heal you, put hope in you.


Have a thought? I look forward to the discussions.

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