Do Not Despair

You may think that you are a nobody, maybe even a has-been or a loser in the eyes of the world. You may feel life has no purpose when faced with bullying and the hardships of this world. Take heart because God’s Word says that if you are not wise, not mighty or not noble according to the flesh, then you are a prime candidate for Him to call on! And when He begins to use you, you will see His favor, power and increasing change in your life.

In the eyes of the ancient world, Moses was the rising star of Egypt. The Bible tells us that in the first 40 years of his life, “Moses was learned in all the wisdom of the Egyptians, and was mighty in words and deeds”. (Acts 7:22) But God could not use him then because he was too smart, strong and full of pride.

It was only 40 years later, after having been in the unglamorous desert of Midian, emptied of himself and thinking that he was a has-been, that God sent him to confound the might of Pharaoh.

The world may pass them by — the weak, the small, the forgotten and the losers, but God chooses them to confound those mighty in the world.

I know this to be true. As a boy, I was bullied at home by those who thought themselves better than me. In my frustration, I tried confronting them with no achievement.  And as a teenager going through junior high and middle school, I was the butt of many jokes because of my size and quirkiness.

When I was in my teens, I remember praying to God, “Lord, I forgive those who have trespassed against me and i pray they will forgive my trespasses.” To this day I say this prayer and I know God heard. He moved me from that town and school. Placing me in a better system, making many friends and putting me on the path to college. I knew He heard me because He gave me the tools and talent to stand strong in faith and write this content.

I know what I was and where I came from. I know I have done nothing and can do nothing apart from His anointing and grace in my life.

To those who go through the torment of bullying I say, do not despair. Your Father is with you and this time will pass. My friend, when you think that you are weak and small compared to others in the world, that is when God can use you to do great and wonderful things for Him!


The Action of Holiness

Holiness begins in our hearts and minds. The cultivation and preservation of holiness in the life of the leader is connected to disciplines of the mind and heart. Right thinking begets righteous living. This is not to say that we can earn our salvation.  In Romans, Paul taught “if our minds are ruled by the Spirit, we will have life and peace” (Rom. 8:6). The Psalms tell us that we should focus our minds on “thinking,” “study,” “learning” and “remember.” Practicing these disciplines will result in the Word of God producing holiness, fullness and wholeness in our lives. We will do the right things such as respect, obey, and worship which shall produce happiness and pleasure.

How, then, can we enrich our thinking about the meditation upon Scripture?

Thinking About the Word of God – We need to read the Word of God and think about what these words mean and imply. This Psalm begins with “Thinking about your commands…” (v. 6). As we think about Scripture, our lives and our world will change.

Respecting the Word of God – This is also essential in order for the Word of God to have its rightful place in our lives and churches. “I will do right and praise you by learning to respect your perfect laws” (v. 7).

Obeying the Word of God (the “Perfect Laws”) – We are called to “Obey God’s message! Don’t fool yourselves by just listening to it” (James 1:22). “I will obey all of them” (Ps. 119:8a).

Treasuring the Word of God – When we as Christ-followers think and consider what the Word of God does for us, we will not just read it – we will treasure it. “I treasure your word above all else” (v. 11a).

Sharing the Word of God – Getting the Word of God into the lives, communities and nations around us requires action. It is news that must be told and a message that must be shared. As we do, people will become free and “you will be free” (John 8:36). “With my own mouth I tell others…” (v. 13a).

Delighting (Taking Pleasure) in the Word of God – God’s Word is not only verses to read, it contains moments of pleasure and delight to be savored.

Studying the Word of God – Studying involves reading, thinking, respecting, and considering the Word of God with intentionality and focus. “I will study your teachings and follow your footsteps…” (v. 15)

The Word of God is not only right and true, it is something beautiful to be admired and adored. In fact, regular reading and reflection on Scripture is the most effective catalyst to growing with God and making a stronger relationship.

To Serve Christ

Who can describe the blessed bond of the love of God? What man is able to tell the excellence of its beauty, as it ought to be told? The height to which love exalts is unspeakable. Love unites us to God and love admits of no schisms: love gives rise to no seditions; love does all things in harmony.

Today I focud on Paul and how the self ruled are loved by Jesus in Colossians. He characterized this love as forgiveness, harmony, peace and thanksgiving. Paul’s overarching rule of life is that every word and every deed be done in the name of Jesus (see Col 3:17). Following such a rule affects our outlook on life. We begin to wake each morning with the sense that we are serving Jesus himself, to remember that we do not serve man or ourselves in what we do.

The rule of love is to be applied, Paul implies, in the stewardship of all our relationships, both in private and public.

Families exemplify harmony when people have a goal of submission to one another (Eph 5:21): wives esteem and honor their husbands; husbands cherish and value their wives and work to meet their needs; children are cooperative and teachable; parents discipline with gentle love – encouraging their children toward growth in health and wisdom.

The family is the one institution in which it is possible to say ‘we’ without any loss of individuality and it is important to remember the growth of the individual as part of family growth.

A family in which each does what he can, each receives what he needs, wholly without financial calculation of earning or merit, represents the highest known ideal, our only true approximation to the Kingdom of God, yet countless families, made up of fallible persons, demonstrate this ideal in great measure every day of their lives.

In his further instructions, Paul says that putting on Christ means that Christians are to be people of prayer, giving thanks (see Col 4:2). Only with prayer are harmonious relationships possible.

What can we do to make ourselves more harmonious? How can you serve Christ today? When was the last time your family did something together?