A Study from Joshua

The book of Joshua was written as a record of the Hebrew people and a means to preserve the principles and laws for future generations. Let us take a moment to recount some of the mandates Joshua was given to guide him through a pilar of Jewish history.

A Word of Promise – “I promised … I would give you this land.”
A Word of Encouragement – “…be strong and brave!”
A Word of Caution – “…be careful to do everything my servant Moses taught you.”
A Word of Wisdom – “Never stop reading The Book …”; “Day and night … think about what it says.”
A Word of Assurance – “I will be there to help you wherever you go.”

Although we have access to all of the tools and resources of the Information Age, many times we are so saturated with information from the internet anf a 24/7 news cylce. Not only that, but we have encircled our lives with social and communication tools that simply add to the experience of information overload. Our knowledge can become a million miles wide and one inch deep.

When God advised Joshua about what it would take to be an effective leader and follower of His ways, God told him that it was important to do two things: 1) “never stop reading The Book” and 2) “Day and night … think … about what it says…”

What are some simple yet satisfying ways to do more than just “read” the Bible? How can we bring the Bible into our daily lives? In what ways can we share the Bible with others?

Pray the Bible – Turn Bible passages into prayers that you pray over your life, congregation or family.

Picture the Bible – When you read a Bible story, put your Bible down and open your imagination. Take some time to picture the story in your mind.

Ponder the Bible – When Mary was first told that she would bear the Christ child, the Bible says she “kept thinking…and wondering about” these things (Luke 2:19). The Word of God is meant to be carefully considered, treasured, reflected on, and pondered. Pondering the Bible and journaling can go hand in hand.

Practice the Bible – Lead your family or team in practically obeying biblical directives and principles regarding compassion and generosity through an act of service or compassionate ministry.

If the people of God need the Word of God to live spiritually, then how much more do those who lead the people of God need it?

Have a thought? I look forward to the discussions.

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