Intimacy: A Christian Frontier Part III

So far, I’ve noted that God designed sex to be a power symbol and celebration of covenant love and intimacy.  It is a physical and emotional expression of the deepest commitment two people can make to each other and represents God’s love for His people.

Because sex is a portrait of God’s sacred love, Satan will do anything he can to destroy the beauty of it. He has tried to twist, tarnish, and distort the beautiful and holy picture of sexuality in every way possible. Sexual addiction, porn, prostitution, sexual abuse, and sexual pain… these are all examples of how Satan keeps Christians from ever celebrating sexuality within the context of God’s holy design. Sex has been dragged through the mud so thoroughly that most people can’t even comprehend that it is intended to be something holy.

It is key for you to recognize these assaults on your sexuality and your marriage. You may be carrying around guilt and sexual shame, but never have identified the source. Satan’s agenda is to destroy, discourage, and defeat the Christian marriage bed. Your spouse, your past, even pornography are not the primary culprit. Satan has used these tools toward his agenda of defiling the good gift of sex.

What can we do? First, our realizations on the importance of sex will help with its perception. Second, the good news is found in I John 4:4 – Greater is He that is in you than He that is in the world. You don’t have to be a statistic – another marriage wrecked by porn, another woman permanently scarred by abuse, or another couple who fights endlessly about sex.

Have you ever considered that Satan wants to destroy your sexual intimacy in marriage? How can you see him working to do this? Have you ever consider that Satan wants to undermine or destroy your sexuality?

Satan’s schemes cannot stand against the word and the power of God. So often, God’s truth is ignored related to sexuality. When you study what God has to say about forgiveness, redemption and His design for sex, the enemy will be defeated. As we begin to remember and embrace the good act of sex with our spouse there will be less for evil to stand on.


Have a thought? I look forward to the discussions.

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