You Will Give Them An Ideal

Have you come across people who have little, yet even that little is taken away from them? On the other hand, there are those who already have much, yet they receive even more.

Jesus said, “To those who use well what they are given, even more will be given, and they will have an abundance. But from those who do nothing, even what little they have will be taken away.” Notice that Jesus doesn’t go on to say what it is we have. He simply says, “to those who use well what they are given…”

Jesus is talking about a firm belief in God that gives one the courage to say, “I have it!” If you say and believe that you have it the more will be given to you. But if you say that you don’t have it, when you actually do because God has freely given us all things (Romans 8:32), then even what you have will be taken away.

When you need something, God says that you are to ask Him through Christs name and when you ask, believe that you have already received it. (Mark 11:24) Saying you already have it, even if you don’t see it in the physical realm, will yield in you receiving it.

God is not saying, “Oh come on, pretend that you see it. And if you pretend long enough, you will have it.” God is telling us to call forth those things that don’t exist as though they do. (Romans 4:17) Going even further, God is telling us that we must use what we have, including your talents, for the betterment of yourself and God. Use what God has given you for the purpose of good and more will be given to you. If you are to waste the things you have and given talents, laziness for instance, yields in you losing what you have. It is not just a matter of asking for more and God will grant it. It includes using what you have in the Lords name free of self-promotion for the betterment of others.

If you believe that it is yours, you will have it.  If you believe in your talents and the strength of God, you will be able to achieve wonders. God is always with us. He called upon Moses to perform His wonders on Earth to free the slaves of Egypt. What is He calling you to do? God sent us Jesus to give us an ideal to strive for. We will stumble. We will fall. In time, using the talents God gave us we will join Him in betterment and more will be given to us.



Have a thought? I look forward to the discussions.

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