Disappointment Today

Today, I faced disappointment. Plans were made and then they unraveled. Disappointment. However, as I sat there in my disappointment a realization dawned on just how much I was focusing on those plans and the spare time that needed to be filled. I realized it’s easy for us to focus simply on the things around us and the plans we make, God always sees the entire story. So, I let God take over and direct the rest of my night and it turned out really well.

Looking at life from our own limited view is like seeing the comic strip one frame at a time. Sometimes events in life may look disappointing. But we know that God sees the entire picture from beginning to end, and this knowledge gives us hope.

Consider for a moment the disciples. While Jesus was on the cross, His disciples must have felt confused and disappointed. They trusted that Jesus was going to be the Savior and King, yet He died. How could that be? Though they were told, they could not understand. God knew all along that Jesus would conquer death, but His suffering came before being glorified. Only after enduring three dark days without Jesus did the disciples start to understand the much bigger picture God had in mind. Because of Jesus’ life, death and resurrection, our life in heaven is secure. We live with hope, not just for today, but for eternity.

So, don’t be disappointed. Take a breath and think of the larger picture God has in store for you. Thank God for giving you the blessing of hope on earth and in heaven.



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