Intimacy: A Christian Frontier Conclusions

What is Gods opinion about sexual pleasure and intimacy? This is the question we have been exploring these past few weeks. What can we reason from our exploration?

God’s opinion is that, outside of marriage, pursuing sexual pleasure is a destructive objective. In fact, it can lead to death – the death of a ministry, a marriage, a testimony and intimacy with God. Drawing from Proverbs, its wisdom tells us that men and women are to flee from sexual temptation. It is powerful and deadly. Remember, we cannot allow ourselves to become slaves or allow it to be our superior.

Nonetheless, drawing further the entire book of Song of Solomon explains the covenant of marriage, erotic, exciting sex as a worthy pursuit for both the husband and the wife. A godly marriage should include frequent and satisfying sexual intimacy.

Sexual pleasure is a wonderful, God-made gift. A husband is told to always delight in the sexual love of his wife. Wives are to do the same. Realizing this gift however can be a struggle for some individuals and couples. After years of warnings like “don’t give yourself away, don’t think about sex, sex is bad!” all of a sudden, a wedding ceremony makes erotic pleasure something holy and God-respecting.

It’s key to understand that a wedding ring doesn’t somehow redeem your sexual drive. Your body was made to be sexual and to experience sexual pleasure as part of the image of God. Your sexual drive speaks to the innate, God-given passion to connect, commit, keep and share yourself in the most intimate way with another human being. While sexual restraint is the challenge before marriage, uninhibited sexual expression is the challenge within marriage.

In some manner, many Christians believe it honors God to withhold or subdue sexual pleasure in the marriage bed. Nothing could be further from the truth! Within the covenant of marriage, you have God’s permission to throw off every restraint and enjoy to the fullest the gift of sexual expression with your spouse to the extent your spouse is willing to participate. As much as we are to be sexual in our marriage, we cannot allow it to be our superior.

God’s Word is like looking into a mirror. You will discover some things that encourage you, but you will always see things that the Lord wants to change in you. If you walk away from the mirror and go on with life as usual, you’ve wasted your time. Yet, the Word of God taught by the Spirit of God can help you make monumental changes. God desires to make changes in your sexual relationship and relationships.



Have a thought? I look forward to the discussions.

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