Brothers and Sisters

Bartimaeus was a blind roadside beggar who cried for help when he heard Jesus was walking by. Bartimaeus sensed he needed Jesus’s mercy and he asked if He would perform a miracle by restoring his vision.

Despite others telling him to be quiet, Bartimaeus continued to pray Jesus for healing. Jesus changed Bartimaeus’s life by restoring his sight and after he was healed, Bartimaeus immediately followed Jesus, using his newfound vision to participate in the work Jesus was doing.

God can form the most astonishing miracles and He hears the cries of broken people and heals us in His timing. Let’s not be like the naysayers, discouraging those around us from begging or praising God for help. And let’s not make up ourselves, in asking God to work miracles in our spirits. Jesus loves when people seek Him with the faith that He will change their lives.

What else can we learn from this story? We see that Bartimaeus had faith in Jesus even before seeing Him. Apart from focusing on an individuals faith, we don’t focus on Jesus mentality. Why would Jesus, help Bartimaeus after persistent begging? Why would Jesus help any of those who beg forgiveness and healing? It is because we are all part of the same family with a loving Father. Did you know that Jesus calls you his sister or his brother? That’s a pretty amazing thing.

Jesus isn’t ashamed to call you his brother or sister, no matter how messed up your life is, because you belong to God’s family. As a member of the family of God, your sin doesn’t define you anymore.

It’s the difference between Alcoholics Anonymous and Celebrate Recovery. Alcoholics Anonymous is a very good program. But I think Celebrate Recovery, which was started at Saddleback Church, has a different approach to healing and recovery.

If you were to go to an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting, you would endure up and say, “Hi, my name is Ryan, and I’m an alcoholic,” and you would say it for every meeting allowing your sin define you.

In Celebrate Recovery, people stand up and say, “Hi, my name is Ryan. I’m a child of God who struggles with alcohol.”

See the difference?

Your identity is not your sin. That’s why Jesus is not ashamed of you, because once you’re in the family, you’re treated like family! You may be a little weird, but you’re in the family. You will have sin in your life, but you’re in the family.

The world doesn’t want you to know what God made you to be, but by belonging to God’s family, you will learn your true identity. Being accepted by God and belonging to a spiritual family will give you power and confidence to live God’s purpose for your life.


Have a thought? I look forward to the discussions.

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