The Storm: Fear

When Jesus went up alone on a mountainside to pray, he charged the disciples ahead of him to Bethsaida in a boat. During the evening, the wind picked up, and He noticed the disciples in the middle of the lake, “Jesus understood the disciples straining at the oars” (Mark 6:48).

Jesus sees where you’re struggling, and he knows the storm you’re passing through, just like he was aware of the disciples’ struggle on the lake.

The disciples were unaware that Jesus was paying attention to what was happening to them, and of course they became afraid. We always get afraid when we think God isn’t paying attention, even when we recognize it isn’t true. Fear is an important and critical human emotion. It carries such power over us. Fear to try new things, saying hello to a stranger, and even listening to the word of God for fear of what He might suppose.

Nevertheless, fear will not be disappearing from the human mind anytime soon. It does not mean you are a coward, so I don’t imagine we need to feel ashamed. We will feel it throughout our life. We simply need to examine what it is we fear and give it to God. I believe Esther felt fear when she was required to leave her familiar, comfortable life and enter the king’s harem so she could be used by God to save her nation. I believe Joshua felt fear when, after Moses died, he was given the job of taking the Israelites into the Promised Land.

We forget that God pays attention to every single detail of our lives. God knows when you didn’t receive enough sleep last night, when your stomach is upset, when the phone call made you worry. He knows every intimate detail of your life.

Job 31:4 says, “God sees my ways and counts every step I take”. When was the last time you counted your own steps? This is what God does. That’s how detailed He is in your life. He knows your life far better than you do. He cares about every detail, and He’s paying attention.

Not only does Jesus see the storm you’re going through, but He also sympathizes with it.

How can Jesus sympathize with me? Because he also went through them:

“Jesus understands every weakness of ours, because he was tempted in every way that we are. But he did not sin!” Hebrews 4:15

God became a human being and came to Earth. He knows what it’s like to be tired, frustrated, criticized, confused, and tempted. He still faced the temptations of Satan and prayed the suffering He was to endure not happen.  When you talk to God about the storm you’re in, He’s not wondering what it’s like. He’s praying for you — specifically, personally, and intentionally.

God knows when you’re going through a storm. He notices, and He cares. Never feel abandoned or stranded.  God is with you. We will feel fear, but do not let Satan use it against you.


Have a thought? I look forward to the discussions.

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