Whose Will

It is the will of God that we not sin. It is the will of God that we accept no other gods before Him; that we love our neighbor as we love ourselves; that we refrain from stealing, coveting, and committing adultery. Still the world is filled with idolatry, hatred, thievery, covetousness, and adultery. The will of God is violated whenever His law is violated.

One of the great tragedies of contemporary Christendom is the preoccupation of so many Christians with the secret decretive will of God to the exclusion and neglect of His preceptive will. We want to peek behind the veil, to see a glimpse of our personal future. We seem more concerned with our horoscope than with our obedience, more concerned with what the stars in their paths are doing than with what we are doing.

With regard to God’s sovereign will, we assume we are passive. With respect to His preceptive will, we experience that we are active and therefore responsible and accountable. It is easier to engage in ungodly prying into the hidden counsel of God than to apply ourselves to the practice of godliness. We can flee to the refuge of the sovereign will and try to pass off our sin to God, laying the burden and responsibility of it on His unchanging will.


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