HSPS: Holy Spirit Positioning System

No human being is perfect and we will make mistakes, it is our nature. But God’s forgiveness is always available to us through Christ. Receiving this forgiveness strengthens us and enables us to keep moving forward with God. It also puts our hearts at peace, sets us free, and helps us hear God’s voice clearly.

Feeling defeated and condemned by every mistake we make weakens us. A mistake made or loss of a job is devastating.  Instead of using our energy to feel bad about ourselves, we should use it to make sure our hearts are tuned to God’s voice as He leads us into greater strength and deeper relationship with Himself. This is not an easy task, but is required for moving forward and getting out of a rut. Remember this, the next time you feel hurt and defeated look upon the splendor that is creation. He breathed a trail of galaxies and dreamed of you.

His forgiveness and His presence are always available to us through the Holy Spirit. As you seek God today, I encourage you to receive His love and mercy. His arms are open and He is waiting to spend time with you.

The fact that the Holy Spirit lives inside of us proves His willingness to always be available to speak to us and help us when we need Him. As we continue to grow spiritually, we will experience temptation, but God has given us the Holy Spirit to enable us to resist it and make right choices instead of wrong ones.

God’s word for you today: Remember that the Holy Spirit is always available to you.



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