Three is Company

God is the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. All are God and God is all three Fathers, Son, and Spirit. The Holy Trinity as best evinced by the cross and St Patrick’s shamrock.

The Father is the overseer of humanity evidenced throughout  the old testament from creation to the prophecies of Isaiah. In the New Testament, God presented Himself in human form in the pediment of Jesus, the Son of God.

God is also omnipresent or everywhere. There is nowhere He isn’t. He is everywhere and always. There is nowhere His presence doesn’t reach. Anytime you feel alone knowing that God is right there with you.

Jesus was God and God was Jesus. For a moment in time here on Earth, God was the same and walked among us.

Then arrives the third person of God, the Holy Spirit. When we accept what Jesus did on the cross for us, God the Father gives us the Holy Spirit, which lives inside us. The Holy Spirit is our guide and comforter and intercedes with God on our behalf.

This can be a hard concept to understand. God is infinitely big and complex and we will never fully understand Him. But know this: God the Father looks after you, Jesus died for you, and the Holy Spirit lives in you and comforts you.

There is nothing He can’t comprehend, understand, or is unaware of. God knows everything. There is nothing that He can’t handle. God is strong enough to handle anything from all the problems of this world, as well as the very struggles you find yourself in. Know that God is bigger than anything you are going through and He is with you.

He has overcome the world.



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