Tempation: Face

It’s not wrong to be tempted. Seriously, there is nothing wrong with being lured. We dwell in a fast paced society where we a stretched in a million different directions with each one seeking our attention. Temptation is everywhere and abundant. Nevertheless, there is a difference in being tempted and facing temptation. All of us will be tempted at some stage in our lives. Jesus himself was tempted by Satan. This alone shows us that being tempted is part of everyone’s life, but how we face it is the crucial element. Going to the heart of the matter, it becomes wrong when we give in to the temptation and do something we know isn’t right.

Here’s the thing about temptation. It looks good at first. It could entice us toward something we actually want to do, but in reality, it promises something that it can’t deliver.

When we give in to it, we buy into a lie. Temptation will lead you to do wrong — whether it be to cheat on a test to get a respectable grade, lying to your parents so you don’t get in trouble, cutting corners to get ahead at work, or being deceitful. We become Golum from The Lord and the Rings series completely obsessed with our “precious,” deceitful,  and insulated.

We need to learn to distinguish when we’re being tempted to do something that we know isn’t right, and give it over to God. He can give us the strength to overcome. Temptation is not an easy fix, but knowing how to face it can make all the difference. Recognizing that you are being tempted is the first step towards changing your mindset, life, and relationship with God and your family.

So, when and where do you feel like you are being tempted? What things do you need to sacrifice to God and get strength from Him to do what’s right? Remember, Jesus himself was tempted by Satan for all the splendors and powers of the world. He overcame for all of us and He knows the direction out. Seek Him and you will see Him standing beside, behind, and in front of you.


Have a thought? I look forward to the discussions.

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