Send me Lord, I will Go

Yesterday I discussed spreading our faith and fear of rejection that, at times, comes along with it. It is only natural to feel this. We fear being rejected and even more we fear being rejected by people we know . How many times have we faced ourselves, our faith, family, and friends situations and said, “There is no way this can ever be?” Maybe some of these thoughts weigh on your mind:

There is no way I can handle the pressure at work.
There is no way I can pay my bills.
There is no way to save my marriage.
There is no way I can go back to college now.
There is no way I can spread my faith.

With God’s help, there is always a way. This is a beautiful truth to be grateful for. It may not be easy; it may not be convenient; it may not come quickly. You may have to go over, under, around, or through difficulty—but if you will simply keep on keeping on, you will find a way. Jesus said in John 14:6, “I am the Way and the Truth and the Life.” He is the Way, and He will help you find a way even where there doesn’t seem to be one. I am sure earlier believers facing persecution in Jerusalem felt the same, but they kept on going.

If you have been a follower of Jesus for some time now, you will no doubt have heard stories of mission work in distant lands and previously unreached people where a Christian brought the message of Jesus and saw transformations. Encouraged by such devotion you feel moved to do all that you can to spread the Gospel and feel, honestly, like a game changer. You ask yourself, “What far away village can I reach? If only God would send me somewhere like that, then I would totally be a missionary and see those amazing things happen!” Perhaps we start (mis)quoting Isaiah: “Send me Lord, I will go!”

Then we remember, “I have bills and other responsibilities. How I would love missionary work if I didn’t have to work or need money.” Reality comes rushing at us like a raging river and the dreams of life changing transformations are washed away. Or are they?

In Mark Chapter 5, we find Jesus working in spreading His message when we come to an  incredible transformation, where a demon-possessed and isolated man is restored and healed by Jesus. The man responds as we do: “Jesus, take me with you to the other side.” He wanted to leave his home and become be a missionary with Jesus in a far away land. Seems like a good request, right? But Jesus says no.

The first place Jesus asked this man to spread the news of his transformation was right where he was, with his family and friends, in his home.

You and I are already right where we need to be in order to share the gospel. You have everything you need in order to be a missionary. It’s time to start telling of “the good things the Lord has done for you” right where you are. You do not need an exotic destination for transformation.

Think through the family, neighborhood, school or workplace God has placed you in, and ask God to give you opportunities to share His good news with those around you. What simple action can you do to spread the Gospel? It could be simply praying and asking the Father for guidance and boldness.


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