The Ready Answer

Are you having a bad day? It happens to all of us, and sometimes a bad day can turn into a bad week or even month. The more important question is: Do you feel you can share the good news of Jesus, even while your life is in chaos?

Perhaps you’ve failed an exam, the car won’t start and rent is three weeks late. How do you respond? The message of Christianity is not that bad things won’t happen to you anymore, but rather that God will use those bad circumstances for your good and for His glory (Romans 8:28-29).

When your friends and family see that your life is in turmoil and yet you are not overwhelmed, they scratch their heads and say, “How is it that you can smile even when everything is going so wrong?” or maybe they respond with a simple comment like “I wish I could handle things like you do.” That is the moment when you are supposed to have that “ready answer.” 1 Peter 3:15 talks about, the plain and simple truth about your faith, your God and your future. Your difficult circumstances can be an opportunity for the Gospel to be preached!

We have to make it an ambition to pray to live our lives this way and do our part. There will always be more work to do! There will always be a crowd to celebrate our good work. In addition, we must make pray part of this life and withdraw from the world to focus on God. The crowds praised Jesus for what He did, so He withdrew. He stopped healing people in order to pray. Jesus did not come to do good deeds and work hard to redeem the world by the sweat of his brow.

Jesus Christ redeemed the world by His very nature, which could not be constrained by death. We must have this same mindset as Jesus, and, like Jesus, we must withdraw daily and visit with God. God will remind us of our very nature. He will say, “You are my child.” And when we remember who we are before God, our daily to-do lists will be manageable and good. Our obligations will seem light. After prayer, we will be able to pick up the phone and serve the crowd without anxiety.

Maybe you are waiting on the “perfect opportunity” to share your faith. But in Matthew 28:19, Jesus tells His disciples to go, and as they go, they are to make disciples. This means as you are in the market, working at your job, and yes, even while living through difficult circumstances, you are to share the hope of Jesus Christ with those around you. The everyday moments we walk through provide opportunities for unbelievers to look into our lives, to be amazed, ask us questions, and for us to have a ready answer for our hope. So, what is your answer?


Have a thought? I look forward to the discussions.

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