Tuning in: Part IV

Ok, so I now know some aspects to God’s will but how do I know He is even talking to me? How am I supposed to hear Him while at work, texting,  driving, listening to music, gossiping, and idolizing? I just don’t have time.

Well, a lot of us think we are too busy to take some time and connect with God. The main word in the previous statement is “we.” Here we are having a direct link to the creator of all things and He is trying to talk to you. And we say we are too busy! There are aspects of His will He wants you to know but we are too busy catching up on social media.

We have to make the time for tuning in and listening, because God is speaking. Job 33:14 says, “God does speak — sometimes one way and sometimes another — even though people may not understand it.” But we can understand if we just tune in.

First and foremost, when is the last time you read the Bible? A passage? A quick line on a refrigerator magnet? It’s your guidebook for life. It shows you the right steps to take and you should be reading, praying, and meditating on it. If you’re not having a daily quiet time and reading the Bible, God is getting a busy signal when he is calling you.

Have you ever been in a church service and felt like what the Pastor was saying was a direct message from God to you? Better yet, when was the last time you attended service? I cannot express the number of times I have felt God was speaking directly to me through my Pastor. God knows.

God speaks to us through our circumstances. If we’re going to live a life to the fullest, God’s got to make some course corrections, and one of the things He uses to do that is the circumstances that come into our lives.

Listening to God through circumstances, church, friends, Bible study, or creation itself sometimes He’s going to lead you in ways that you don’t understand. Don’t freight, embrace it. Even though the GPS may lose signal it always comes back. Notice though, it is always the device that loses satellite reception and not the satellite itself.



Have a thought? I look forward to the discussions.

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