The Future is the Present

Jesus’ parable of the Wise and Wicked Servants demonstrates an interesting perspective and take on the second coming. Looking over this parable we see the faithful and wise servant provides for the master’s household during his absence, the wicked servant uses the time flippantly, carousing and beating his fellow servants. When the master returns, the faithful servant is promoted for his service, and the wicked servant is punished.

This parable often goes in hand with preparing for Jesus’ return and the second coming. If we take a closer look at the parable, we find it is not entirely focused on the future. While Jesus is preparing His disciples for His pending absence and for the times of Revelation, He is also preparing them to be watchful and ready. However, while we should look forward to His return we need to be focused on the present getting things done for His kingdom. I guess a good summary is, focus on the now be watchful of the future.

The parable presses us to use our time wisely during Jesus’ absence by doing the work we are called to do. Furthermore, we should do the work we are called to do with hope, expectation, and generosity. We are to build up ourselves and others around us for His eventual return.


Have a thought? I look forward to the discussions.

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