Out of Silence, Rise

With the conclusion of Holy Week it dawned on me just how rushed everything feels. We jump from Thursday to Friday to Sunday without pause eager for the next service, message, and lilies. Don’t get me wrong I enjoy the time of Easter and celebrating with family and remembering the cost of salvation. Still, it seems so rushed moving from one stage to the next.

This past week while reading from Matthew I realized something about his recording of Good Friday and Easter. Not the two events but the moments between. Matthew pauses and brings us through the silence and stillness of the grave.

Matthew’s time between final breath and first appearance speaks of a death that was real, a grave that was silent, and a future without hope.

This is the fate that should have been ours and yet, our hope is that through Christ who went into the tomb before us. It is the hope that because one transcended the grave itself, we too may experience new life with him. Matthew’s description of the grave is a reminder that the tomb was silent and yet the silence would only last one more day.

So this Easter pause and reflect on the in between moments focusing on the silence that is now a thundering waterfall.


Have a thought? I look forward to the discussions.

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