Weeds of a Garden

It’s summer. Time for many of us to plant our gardens in the hopes of a bountiful harvest. There is no better feeling than to cultivate the ground, lay the seed, and watch it grow to reap what was sowed. How many of us will talk day to day about the progress of our gardens. How many tomatoes do you have? What are you doing because I can’t grow anything?

Then, unexpectedly, it happens. A weed is seen growing up in the garden bed and around the parameter. Great haste is taken to remove the weed and closer inspection reveals more, some are even growing up along the fence and other plants.

The other reaction, of course, is simply to look upon the garden and thin, “I’m too busy right now and will take care of it later.” Later becomes tomorrow, which becomes next week, yielding to next month, and now the summer is over. You look over your garden and think, “I worked so hard to grow this and I don’t know what happened.”

In Luke 8: 5-7 we learn about an individual getting the garden ready for the season. The seed was spread in the soil, along a path, amongst thorns, and along the rocks. Without reading any further we can kinda guess what happens to the seed given their location. Those that along the path were trampled, those among the rocks died due to lack of fertile soil, and the seed in the actual soil grew bountifully.

What can we learn from this? Two things to take away from this story is seeds will grow amongst the weeds and, if unattended, they will grow up around it, and the weeds begin to choke out the garden.  Second, the same thing can happen in the garden of fertile soil if neglected.

You can’t hear God if your mind is crowded with other thoughts or concerns — worries, plans, and activities. With cluttered minds and overloaded circuits we miss God reaching out to us. “The seed that fell among thorns,” Jesus explains, “stands for those who hear, but as they go on their way they are choked by life’s worries, riches and pleasures, and they do not mature.”

When we are so busy with the problems and pressures of daily living of weekend cookouts, vacation planning, and going to the beach it makes it harder to hear God.

Do not get caught up in the pursuit of riches or wealth. I have seen it time and again how the desire for material things gets in the way of making a life. The same can be said to those preoccupied with getting out of debt. There is a happy medium between the two.

I like going to the beach though and having family and friends over for cookouts. I like the long warm days of summer to go out and have fun. Ok, that is not a problem. We can do that. God likes when we have fun but when you’re so busy pursuing fun, you miss Him and His plans for your life.

Weeds are a sign of neglect. If you see weeds in your garden, it means you’re not tending to it. If left to grow out of control the weeds will start to choke what has been planted. The weeds in your spiritual life are a sign that you’re neglecting time with God.

Guide for a healthy garden:

1. Plant in fertile soil with abundant sunshine (Being in the presence of God and the light of His grace).

2. Once your plants are in the ground cover the bed with grass clippings (cover your mind and soul with the Word of God).

3. Water occasionally to provide moisture and sustenance (have the Holy Spirit pour into you and spread out).

4. Tend to the garden to remove any stray leaves that make their way through (have fellowship with other believers at church and spend time with God to examine yourself).


Have a thought? I look forward to the discussions.

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