Question the Challenge

We have all faced challenges of some kind. Think about those obstacles and challenges. Think about the ones you are facing currently. How do you feel when a challenge or obstacle starts to dominate your life? Stressed is probably the number one feeling we encounter followed by anxiety and lose of control.

Take some time to think about those moments and emotions brought on by chanllenges. Try thinking of answers to the following:

1. What are some ways that you can stop that process?  

2.How would it be easier if you weren’t so overwhelmed with challenges?

3. How would you feel if you saw your challenges and obstacles from God’s perspective?

4.How can you focus on God? How can you shift the focus to God?


Give me a Break

​In today’s fast-paced world it is not difficult for us to become tired and burnt out from the demands of everyday life. That is why it is important from time to time to take a break in order to refresh yourself, mind, spirit, and prevent burnt out. This is nothing new, Jesus often withdrew himself from the masses and from society so that he could be alone and refresh his Spirit as well.

It is even more necessary for us to spend time with God. It is in those precious moments when you spend quiet time with God, and you will discover the work of the holy spirit in your life. As we withdraw from the confusion and hustle of daily life and spend more time in nature comma we once again connect with God. 

Slow down and enjoy the things that we let slip in the everyday. We only have to look around us to find encouragement and as I write this I look at my Christmas tree. I look at its branches and remember that they grow slowly and how it takes years for them to grow. It has taken me some time to grow into who I am now and I know that I an not done. My branches are covered with beautiful ornaments filled with happy memories and experiences. However, not all branches are the same and even my tree has small broken ones.

He will fill the empty reservoirs of your life and you will return to the world refreshed, and find new strength and energy that you have drawn from that Heavenly source. Enjoy your life and avoid the burnout. Allow Him to become part of your daily life and then you will discover the fullness of life that He offers you. Allow God to bring His refreshing strength into your life and accept His gifts of peace and joy.