Removal: Undervalued

When I feel overworked, underappreciated, worn out, or disappointed, I mentally place those feelings and the situation that caused them into the frame of Hebrews 6:10, reminding myself He did. When others didn’t see how hard I worked, He did. I remember that He never forgets and that He never walks away. When others didn’t seem to value me, He always valued me.

If I am honest I can say that it didn’t always work. There are times when the knowledge that God wouldn’t forget my work and labor wasn’t enough given the turmoil surrounding me.  Times when I longed for approval or appreciation from others. However, I realized if my priority was right, and I was serving for Christ, His was the only approval I needed.
In life, you will get hurt. You will get tired. You will feel undervalued. You might feel like no one appreciates you. This is inevitable and cannot be denied. But God appreciates you. You might feel like you’re wasting your time, but God doesn’t. He sees every bit of time, energy and effort you put into your work, life, and family. He doesn’t forget the tears you’ve cried, the frustration you’ve been through, the hours invested to your career, or the countless days calling out to Him . He values, loves and appreciates you more than you will ever know.
Has a lack of appreciation ever caused you to want to throw in the towel? If so remember, there were countless before you whom were reminded that the Lord was with them. That He valued them. So when you feel this pressure coming on look to your empty frame and realize you are valued and your current mindset has not justification, may even be projected.


Have a thought? I look forward to the discussions.

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