The Higher Standard to Lead

As I read this sermon in its entirety, I am struck by how Jesus set a higher standard for righteousness. To Jesus, it wasn’t enough to avoid murder; you must also avoid hatred and verbal abuse. It wasn’t enough to give and pray; you must do so discreetly to avoid doing it as a show to others. It wasn’t enough to avoid the act of adultery; you must also avoid letting the thought of adultery seize your heart and eyes through lust.

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The Godly Man

As men, we need to remember how much of a blessing the women in our lives are. We are to dedicate our time preparing to be a great boyfriend, fiance, husband, dad, role model, and leader. Study what it means to be a Godly man. For those of us who are in a relationship, engaged, or married, Revelation 2:5 tells us we need to go back to the things we did at first to get our “first love.” Remember the first impression is to be the constant and lasting impression, not merely an act.

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