In His Presence

What is it that is distracting us from spending time alone with God? Is it anxiety? Is it something that is keeping us away from Him?

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In Faith

Many early Christians were ready to turn back and to leave the uneasy, uncharted waters of faith for the comfortable, familiar life of works and moral effort. This was the choice they faced: depending on the Law or following Jesus, trying to appease God or trusting in Him, a complicated religious system or a simple relationship with the living God through Christ.

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What is in Your Tank?

If one has to offer thanks it has to be spontaneous, it has to come from a willing and cheerful heart.

Why don’t many people thank the Lord?

Are we grumpy and complaining people? You may be if your from New England. Are we cheerful and thankful people?

Some people find it difficult to thank the Lord because they are full of themselves and schedules are dedicated to their work, their family, their desires, their likes, their health, their passion. Everything is about them. In thanksgiving, it is not that we are full of ourselves, we ar full of God.

What does giving thanks mean?

  • It means that we require humility. We need to realize there is someone greater than us.
  • Thanksgiving is not result-centered. It is relationship-centered.

Do we have time to pause and thank the Lord? Amidst our busyness, our stresses, is it even possible?

Remember to run your tank on thankfulness and humility. It makes us humble, keeps us cheerful, grateful and positive. It makes us pleasant people to live with. When we thank the Lord, it deepens our relationship with Him.

A thankful person is one who is full of thanks. Let us take a minute, not to ask the Lord for anything, but to give Him thanks for all that we have and for all the blessings that we cannot see. Let us bless His name with a grateful heart and a song of praise.

We might be beset with challenging circumstances or difficult situations, but let us not look around or inside. Let us look upward.