Walk like a Man: David

We start this post on the battlefield and a man named David.

David is traveling to the battlefield not to fight, but to bring lunch being the delivery boy that he is. All of that changes when he hears about a warrior names Goliath, a Philistine. David gets tired of hearing Goliath speak negatively about his God and he decides to do something about it. David was the smallest and most inexperienced person on the battlefield, but he was also the most devoted and faithful. The rest of the story we all know.

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The Seasons of Change

If you like watching the Olympics maybe you’ve seen what happens at the end of many races or gymnastic events. As the competitors near the finish line or end their set, they often look over their shoulders to see how they’re doing compared to the rest of the field.

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The Higher Standard to Lead

As I read this sermon in its entirety, I am struck by how Jesus set a higher standard for righteousness. To Jesus, it wasn’t enough to avoid murder; you must also avoid hatred and verbal abuse. It wasn’t enough to give and pray; you must do so discreetly to avoid doing it as a show to others. It wasn’t enough to avoid the act of adultery; you must also avoid letting the thought of adultery seize your heart and eyes through lust.

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