Worship of Purpose

Have you ever dreamed about a season in your future? We were certainly intended to dream about our future roles, but perhaps we forget at the moment what should be most important.

We were created to thrive. We thrive in the season we are currently in. Whether circumstances live up to our expectations or not, we should be finding ways to honor God through a walk of worship.

Change your perspective on purpose and see this season as an opportunity for worship. As a businessman or worker, make integrity a non-negotiable part your business plan and work ethic, setting His standards above the expectations of your industry. As a student, develop your skills and complete your assignments with a spirit of excellence and dedication. As a parent, instill in your children the principles and strengths that will equip them to succeed, allowing Him to develop you into the parent who inspires their humble success.

Ephesians says we were created for these good works. Parents who are business leaders, students who are philanthropists, and every other combination of roles: God has given you this season as a gift as surely as He gave you the talents to succeed in it.

In Philippians, He promised to complete the things He’s developing in you, throughout this season and the next. Every second of work and our lives can be used as a form of worship. When completing a task give God thanks for the tools and skills to complete it. When sending an email to your coworkers give God thanks. When kissing your children tonight give Him thanks.


Walk like a Man: David

We start this post on the battlefield and a man named David.

David is traveling to the battlefield not to fight, but to bring lunch being the delivery boy that he is. All of that changes when he hears about a warrior names Goliath, a Philistine. David gets tired of hearing Goliath speak negatively about his God and he decides to do something about it. David was the smallest and most inexperienced person on the battlefield, but he was also the most devoted and faithful. The rest of the story we all know.

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