Charity and Fundraising

Cut the Cheese

In many schools in Rhode Island, a student will wait in line to fill their tray at lunch, only to reach the register and be told they don’t have the funds for their meal. What happens next is that their hot food is taken away, thrown in the trash, and replaced with a cold substitute in front of their peers. In many schools, what passes as an adequate substitute is a cold sandwich comprised of bread and cheese.

Many of Rhode Island’s urban communities and public schools are comprised of low-income citizens and students who qualify for free or reduced lunch. Some students have parents who can’t read paperwork sent home in English, and with adult illiteracy at staggering numbers in these communities, it’s probable that often the paperwork isn’t read at all.

Without the proper assistance or someone in the school system to follow through with the families of these children, many of them don’t realize that they qualify and have fallen through the cracks.

Our goal is to work with Title 1 schools in Rhode Island, school committees, the districts, and the companies (Aramark & Sodexo) that provide food for the lunch programs to reduce school lunch debt in our communities and end school lunch shaming for our children.

Support our fundraising effort with purchasing a Make A Child Smile t-shirt. All proceeds will be donated to Resist Oppression RI.